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Structure Tags    
<HTML>...</HTML>   Opens and closes all HTML documents.
<HEAD>...</HEAD>   Encloses document header.
<TITLE>...</TITLE>   Contains the document's assigned title.
<BODY><.../BODY>   Contains the body of the HTML document.

BGCOLOR="..."   Sets background colour.
TEXT="..." Sets colour of text.
LINK="..." Sets colour color of unvisited links.
VLINK="..." Sets colour of visited links.

<H1>...</H1> -- <H6>...</H6>   Used to set size of headings. Values of 1 through 6; with 1 being the largest, 6 the smallest.

<P>   Used to denote a plain paragraph.

<A>....</A>   Creates a link to another document or anchor.
HREF"..." The URL of a document to which a given document is linked.
NAME"..." Denotes an anchor name.

<OL>...</OL>   An ordered (numbered) list.
<UL>...</UL>   An unordered (unnumbered), bulleted list.
<LI>   A list item.

Character Formatting
<B>...</B>   Bold text.
<I>...</I>   Italic text.
<U>...</U>   Underlined text.

Other Elements
<!...>   Comment - creates a comment which is not displayed in browser - found in the <BODY> tag.
<HR>   A horizontal rule.
SIZE="..." The thickness of a rule in pixels.
WIDTH="..." The width of the rule in pixels or percent.
ALIGN="...." Possible values are LEFT, RIGHT and CENTER.
NOSHADE Causes the rule to be drawn as a solid black line.
<BR>   A line break.
CLEAR="..." Causes text to stop flowing around images - possible values are LEFT, RIGHT and ALL.
<NOBR>...</NOBR>   Prevents text from wrapping at the end of a line.
<BLOCKQUOTE>...</BLOCKQUOTE>   Used for long quotes or citations. Indents all text within.
<CENTER>...</CENTER>   Centers everything between these tags.
<FONT>...</FONT>   Changes font size.
SIZE="..." Specifies font size from 1-7. Default is 3.
COLOR="..." Specifies text colour.

<IMG>   Used to place an image into a document.
SRC="..." Information as to an image's physical location.
ALT="..." Alternate text to be displayed should an image be missing, or images are turned off in browser.
ALIGN="..." Determines horizontal image alignment; either LEFT or RIGHT.
VALIGN="..." Determines vertical image alignment; either TOP, MIDDLE, or BOTTOM.
WIDTH="..." The width in pixels of an image.
HEIGHT="..." The height in pixels of the image.
BORDER="..." Creates a border around a linked image. "BORDERCOLOR=" may also be specified.

<TABLE>...</TABLE>   Creates a table.
BORDER="...." Indicates whether a table should have a border. May also specify a value indicating the width of a border.
CELLSPACING="..." Specifies amount of space between cells in a table.
WIDTH="..." Specifies width of a table, either in pixels or as a percentage.
<TR>...</TR>   Defines a table row.
<TD>....</TD>   Defines a table data cell. **found in a <TR>....</TR>.

<FRAMESET>...</FRAMESET>   The main container for a frame document.
COLS="..." Specifies a frame's column size in pixels or as a percentage.
ROWS="..." Specifies a frame's row size in pixels or as a percentage.
<FRAME>   Contains information about a single frame.
SRC="..." The URL of a document to be displayed in a given frame.
SCROLLING="...." Indicates whether a frame has scroll bars (YES, NO, or AUTO).
MARGINHEIGHT= "...." Specifies a frame margin's height in pixels.
MARGINWIDTH="...." Specifies a frame margin's width in pixels.
<NOFRAMES>....</NOFRAMES>   Used to display text when viewed with a non-frames capable browser.

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